planning for your event...

a small thing

number of tipis: 1 (small tipi)

dimensions : 8.25m x 8.25m

approximate capacity : dining 40, standing 50

Make a statement with a small tipi, ideal for a garden party, birthday celebration or elopement.


Fit the tipi with vintage lounges and a bar to create a luxe party space, or  link to one of our giant tipis to create a dynamic reception.

a cozy gathering

number of tipis: 1 (single tipi)

dimensions : closed 10m x 10m open 13m x 13m

approximate capacity : dining 64, standing 100

Perfect for an intimate gathering, a single giant tipi will enchant your guests.


With sides lowered and our open fire place crackling, create a wonderfully warm and cosy atmosphere. Or, lift all the sides and let the air circulate, add a bar, dance floor and dance the night away.


The single giant tipi can be used as a covered ceremony or reception space, exhibition area, workshop/seminar venue or as an eye-catching VIP tipi.

life is a party

number of tipis : 2 (double tipi)

dimensions : closed 10m x 20m open 13m x 23m

approximate capacity : dining 120, standing 200

For an unforgettable wedding or milestone birthday, join two tipis together and your options are endless. Dining and dancing, all can be accommodated in this innovative space.


With sparkling fairy lights and twinkling festoons, the tipis glow with a warm and captivating atmosphere that is truly unmatchable.

three for a crowd

number of tipis : 3 (triple tipi)

dimensions : closed 30m x 12m open 33m x 14m

approximate capacity : dining 160, standing 300

Want to make a statement and entertain a crowd? Set the tipis up in an arch or  triangle, to create an enchanting and accommodating space for your guests.


With three tipis you will have flexibility and freedom; room for long sweeping tables, dancing and DJ’s.  If you’ve got a vision, bring it to life in a triple tipi.

a limitless celebration

number of tipis : 4 (quad-pod)

dimensions :  closed 28m x 13m open 41m x 16m

approximate capacity : dining 224, standing 400

With comfort and versatility, our quad-pod will accommodate you and all of your guests.


Breathtaking yet practical, the quad-pod leaves nothing to be desired, limited only by your imagination. Watch as your guest’s gasp, when they see the magnificent quad for the first time.


Not sure that four tipis are right for you? Get in contact to discuss what larger configurations we can offer.