Are the tipis weather proof?

Yes, our tipis are completely weatherproof! Combining modern technology and the traditional design principles of the Sami people’s “kata” our tipis are built to withstand.

What should I look for when choosing a tipi site?

• Does your prospective site have appropriate access for a 4WD vehicle with a long trailer? This is extremely important to ensure that your tipis and our crew arrive safely (NB. Our equipment can weigh in excess of 3.5 tonnes).
• Is the venue free from underground services (electricity, sprinklers etc).
• Is the ground level?
• Is the site well drained/free from flooding?
• Is the site free from overhead trees and power lines?
• Is your site big enough? A single giant tipi is 10.3m in diameterwhen completely closed and 13m in diameter when completely open. Please refer to the “planning” page for more details tipi dimensions.
If you have any questions about the suitability of your prospective site, please give us a call.

How many tipis will I need for my event?

Typically a single tipi will seat 64 guests or stand 100, however, there are so many different ways our Tipis can be setup and laid out! Please see “what we offer” for some further information and floor plan inspo, and give us a call for a personalised recommendation.

How long is the hirer period?

Our standard hire period is 3-4 days. We typically setup the tipis one or two days before your event and take them down one or two days after. Extended hire periods can be requested for approval.
NB. Prices quoted are for the whole duration of your event, not per day.

What happens if the weather is terrible?

Unless your site is at risk of flooding, rain is not an issue. However, if strong winds are forecast, we may have to alter setup dates/times as well as Tipi configuration. In this instance we will liaise with you in order to determine the best course of action. As with any outdoor event, we are at the mercy of mother nature; it never hurts to have Plan-B.

Are your tipis suitable to use in winter?

Yes! Our tipis have been created based on those of the Sami People from Lapland (now encompassing Northern Norway, Sweden and Finland). Paired with one of our open fireplaces, and with sides closed down, our tipis make for the most perfect, cosy and warm wintertime event space.

What areas do you cover?

We service all of Victoria and Tasmania; from Mildura to Mallacoota, Warrnambool to Albury, Devonport to Hobart and everywhere in between! We love travelling and seeing what our beautiful country has to offer.

Do I require event insurance?

With the value of our equipment exceeding tens of thousands of dollars, it is extremely important that the equipment is properly insured. You are welcome to arrange your own insurance, but this is not always easy or cost effective (NB. If you choose to arrange your own insurance, this must be approved and accepted as adequate coverage by TipiKata). Because of this we offer a ‘No Insurance Contribution Fee’ (equivalent 5% of your equipment hire fee). With this option, all responsibility for accidental loss or damage of the tipis, is covered by our TIPIKATA’s insurance.

What are the power requirements?

All of our lighting is LED, this means it can all be run from a single standard power outlet. If your site doesn’t have power access let us know and we can help you organise a generator!

I would love to hire a tipi - what is the next step?

Please see our “contact” page and send through an enquiry form! Once we have received your we will liaise with you to work out which tipi configuration and package will best suit your event, and put together a quote for you. Once you have accepted your quote, we will send through an invoice and deposit details so that you can secure the tipis for your event. We can’t wait to celebrate with you!