About our tipis

Hire spacious, ambient Nordic style tipi tents from TipiKata and attract attention!

TipiKata’s tipi tents are a cone shaped wooden pole frame (a nonagon), wrapped in thick, durable, weatherproof and flame retardant canvas. The tipi design takes its inspiration from the traditional dwellings of the Sami people, nomadic reindeer herders from Lapland. They are designed and built to withstand all types of extreme weather conditions.

If you need to create more space, for total flexibility the sides of the tipis can be raised to take advantage of views and scenery, or lowered to create a cosy, intimate interior. An open fireplace has always been a traditional feature of this type of tipi tent, so we also provide you with the opportunity to enjoy a beautiful open fireplace, adding to the unique and warm ambience.

Outstanding and eye-catching on their own, a unique feature of our tipi tents is that they can be joined together in lots of different configurations to create larger spaces for all kinds of outdoor events and celebrations. So whatever your occasion, our tipis can fit the bill!

From a small family gathering to a large corporate event, with our original and flexible tipi tents we can tailor a tipi package to meet your needs. Have a look at our floor plans and get excited about the possibilities for your next event!

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